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Are you a small business looking at scaling globally and are you particularly interested in the European market?

Exportia is an export consulting firm that provides an outsourced European Sales and Marketing team. We pride ourselves on helping our clients reach their first million Euros and beyond. We have a track record in scaling small businesses to multi-million euros in turnover, building their European sales teams and distribution networks. My team and I would love to work with you!

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Engage me as a speaker for your next event to talk about export and how there has never been a better time to export and about the power of exporting.

If you are running an event and are looking for an experienced and sharp speaker in export and international business – this is me! I have delivered hundreds of presentations, education workshops and keynotes about this topic.

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    export content creation

    I write blog articles and shoot videos about specific export content – why not share this content with your audience!

    As an author, I just LOVE to write and I also regularly produce video content about opportunities in the export arena and about my experiences while working with small businesses on their export journey. I share methodologies, tips and tools that can be used to support exporters. My hands-on experience with exporters also gives me insights into success stories, real-changes and problem solving for exporters. All of these topics can inspire, support and educate your audience of exporters. Let’s talk tand explore what content could be of interest to your audience!

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    Want to ask a question
    or just reach out?

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