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I comment and write about the following topics

Exporting and Exporters
Small Business Exporting
Opportunities and Challenges
Exporting During and Beyond COVID
The European Market
Challenges of Scaling a Small Business
Export Readiness
Selling Technology Internationally
Managing Cross-Cultural Teams
Working Across Borders and Multiple Languages
Recruiting International Sales Teams
Recreating, Managing and Motivating European Distributors
Selecting the Right European Country for Your Business
Managing European Sales Teams
B2B International Sales
Women in International Business
Women and Entrepreneurship
Work Life Balance and International Business

My most recent articles

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Nov 2020

Five steps to boost your sales with a European distribution network.


Does your overseas distributor have the ‘E’ factor?

Dynamic Export e-magazine Jan 2018

Nine travel tips to grow your exports, run your business… and keep your family happy.

Dynamic Export e-magazine Apr/May 2017

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