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My name is Christelle Damiens
I am a business author

I write books on the topic of exporting.

My area of expertise is the European market. In my third book, the aim is to collect and analyse the journey of businesses from around the world. It is about gathering and sharing their experiences, reflections and learnings with an audience of exporters and the broader community.

I am particularly interested in your personal experience, and also as a team in this process.

It will be my privilege to record and curate your stories about entering the European market. I am very well aware of the hard work, persistence and tenacity that are required to succeed on this journey, as I have close to hundred companies to establish themselves in Europe. I have deep respect for the executive teams that undertake these journeys. It will be my honour to showcase your business.

Feel free to check my first two books, and my profile on this website. I am also happy to share with you more information about the project in this downloadable document as well as a sampler of my second book. “The 4 Steps to Generate your First Million Euros in Sales” was released in 2020 and was awarded the Best Australian Business Book in the Category of Sales and Communications.

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